Prophetic Testimonial

Your Word for Your Day today reminded me of this poem the Holy Spirit gave
me in December. Hope it blesses you! Love, Della

A Poem to the Body of Christ
by Della Smith

I see the champion in you
You were born to overcome
If you will trust me in your trials
You’ll find out that you’ve won

Please don’t murmur and complain
Remember joy’s your strength
Allow me to refine you
So you can soar with wings

You can’t imagine all I see
My plans for you are grand
So listen closely to my lead
To get to the promised land

So what if there are giants
Do you think I didn’t know?
You are my weapon to destroy
The enemy’s stronghold

Don’t rely on history
To formulate your plan
I’m doing something different
So take me by the hand

I’ve giving you fresh vision
I’m releasing revelation
You are my champions, kings and priests
You are my holy nation